My Bio

Sometime around 1999, Lee Tucker made his first foray into swing dancing near Ithaca, NY at an assembly of his high school chorus. However, not even the allure of sopranos doing Charleston could overcome his awkward adolescence. Nearly four years later and 1,000 miles away as a college freshman in Minnesota, Lee was finally ready to try again. Needless to say, this second experiment was much more successful, and dancing has remained a major part of his life ever since.

After a four-year stint in DC, Lee moved to Boston in August 2010 to begin his PhD in Economics, and he has become a fixture of the local and regional dance communities. Lee is an active teacher, DJ, competitor, and social dancer. He has won or placed at events around the country such as the Big Big Event (DC), Lindy on the Rocks (CO), the Wicked Lindy Weekend (MA), Midwest Lindyfest (MN), and the Orange County (CA) Inspiration Weekend. He is also the 2008 International Lindy Hop Pro-Am Champion, and is fond of using that title to impress his non-dancing friends’ parents. Lee believes in the value of Lindy Hop as a social dance, and his teaching style emphasizes developing technique that gives both leaders and followers more options to explore their own creativity.


Kind of a Big Deal Weekend 2016
Third Place - Advanced Jack & Jill (w/Tanya Teal)
Lindy on the Rocks 2010
First Place - Open Strictly (w/Delilah Williams)
Midwest Lindyfest 2010
Second Place - Amateur Lindy Hop Showdown (w/Delilah Williams)
Second Place - Jack & Jill (w/Amanda Klem)
International Lindy Hop Championships 2008
First Place - Pro-Am (w/Kelly Arsenault)
OC Inspiration Weekend 2007
Second Place - Pro-Am Jack & Jill (w/Nina Gilkenson)
Wicked Lindy Weekend 2007
First Place - Strictly (w/Dianne Eramo)
Second Place - Advanced Jack & Jill (w/Mari Adams)
Swing Fling 2007
Second Place - Strictly Lindy (w/Crista Seipp)
Second Place - Advanced Jack & Jill (w/Michelle Searle)
Big Big Event 2007
First Place - Strictly (w/Dianne Eramo)
Virginia State Open 2006
First Place - Adv. Jack & Jill (w/Akemi Kinukawa)